Elvis Belltent Boutique 4p LIFFIN


Are you opting for Boutique accommodations at your wedding, festival or corporate event? 

With proper beds, comfortable mattresses, fluffy down duvets and beautiful linen in a spacious accommodation of your choice, your guests won’t want to leave. Help them start the day rested and full of energy!

The Queen


With the spacious design of the Queen, camping becomes a comfortable overnight experience. This accommodation sleeps 2 people and the standing height makes it easy for your festival goers to get dressed before breakfast. The Queen comes complete with real beds.

LIFFIN  accommodation The Queen
LIFFIN  accommodation The Who

The Who


With The Who, you’ll transform your campsite into a true glamping site. Spoil your guests with the luxury of these canvas lodges with window. Two comfortable beds and lovely, soft bed linen all add to the unforgettable sleeping experience. The Who even features a deck terrace and two lounge chairs. This rental accommodation can be locked, providing your guests with a safe place for their valuables.

The Elvis


Provide your guests with the luxury of a night in the Elvis. A round, bright rental accommodation with a truly romantic atmosphere. This accommodation features comfortable beds, cotton sheets, lounge chairs and warm rugs. The Elvis can be furnished with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 fully made beds.

LIFFIN  accommodation The Elvis